Unified School Approach To Behavior

Dec 13, 2021

Almost everyone has an opinion about behavior systems. Even with the wide variations, successful systems share core features. To effect real change, a behavior system must emphasize consistency both throughout the building and across classrooms and incorporate social and emotional skills. 

Collecting Comprehensive Data

Dec 12, 2021

Every teacher has experienced a situation where students’ behaviors prevent them from learning and negatively impact their classmates’ learning as well. When these behaviors continue, educators are faced with a problem that is more complex than it may appear on the surface.

Collecting, Organizing & Analyzing Data

Dec 11, 2021

Collecting and organizing data has become an integral part of teachers’ responsibilities. Some schools have integrated systems with software packages that analyze results. Other schools will ask instructors to gather data and calculate trends. While there are many variations of progress monitoring, research reveals some common best-practices.

Share Your Data Through Regular Meetings

Dec 10, 2021

Are regular Behavior Support Meetings really necessary? The short answer is yes.  Behavior Support Meetings are between school personnel and family to discuss a student's behavior with the purpose of reflecting on and identifying supports. 
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