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We are a vendor partner of the Louisiana Department of Education. You can find us on the Partnerships for Success: Special Education Professional Development for Specialized Supports & Direct Service Providers. Check out the services we can provide schools on the UIR list when you apply using your super app funds.


Customizable Consulting

We offer customizable consulting based on your school’s need. Here are some examples of support we have offered.

We can provide a full day walkthrough where we observe classes, interview students and teachers, and conduct a 504 and IEP compliance audit. Your school team will then receive a  full report with resources and recommendations.

We also embedded job coaching  in a targeted area of need. We have worked with school leaders on creating systems for inclusive practices, academic and behavior RTI systems, and structures for collaboration amongst co-teaching pairs and/or general education and special education teachers. This type of coaching works best when paired with the walkthrough. We use the walkthrough findings to target your highest area of need and create a strategic plan for success.

We lastly, offer professional development sessions to whole staff, school leaders, or special education teams. We can offer a half day, whole day, or a series of professional developments on a specific topic throughout the year. We can help staff with an overview of special education and best practices or more specific topics such as behavior interventions, matching students to the right academic intervention, co-teaching and collaboration structures, accommodation and modification practices, etc.

Sped/RTI Hub With NSNO

We have partnered with NSNO to support schools on the UIR or UIN list in New Orleans in order to provide Tier 1 access to all students.

Participating schools have PLCs both virtually and in person to problem solve around relevant or trending barriers in RTI and special education programming.


Schools partake in a week long summer training session around best practices for student support programming in the areas of compliance, RTI, and collaboration structures.


Schools create strategic plans that are implemented during the 8 embedded coaching sessions. At coaching sessions, we co-observe classes, analyze data, problem solve and action plan.


Each school receives a compliance audit and school walkthrough with a report and resources. Schools will get the opportunity to observe and learn from each other as participants in other school’s walkthroughs.

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