Teacher Cohorts

  • Five formal training sessions occur during the school year and target the development of instructional strategies and content pedagogy.
  • Six one-on-one coaching sessions focused on instructional strategies 
  • Professional learning communities occur throughout the school year and provide a structured space for teachers to collaborate and find solutions to solve common challenges.


What is the commitment? (annual and monthly)

  • All Cohorts are 10 months in length and run from August-May of the school year.
  • Each Cohort has a full-day kickoff training followed by monthly touchpoints.

What are the program elements?

All Cohorts have three components: in-person fellow training sessions, virtual professional learning communities, one-on-one job-embedded coaching.

Who is the intended audience?

The Cohorts are targeted towards special education teachers, general education teachers, interventionists, and instructional coaches.

What are the requirements to apply?

The application process includes an online application. Our current application can be found here.
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