Executive Director of Education at Seneca Family of Agencies

Lihi Rosenthal

Executive Director of Education at Seneca Family of Agencies

Lihi Rosenthal is the Executive Director of Education at Seneca Family of Agencies, a nonprofit organization that creates bridges between the education, mental health, child welfare and juvenile justice sectors to identify holistic approaches to serving vulnerable youth and families.
Lihi began her career in the public schools of Oakland and Chicago, where she served as a college and career counselor, general education teacher, and department chair. Since joining Seneca’s team in 2004, Lihi has served as a special education teacher, assistant principal, and principal before taking on her current role as Executive Director, where she helps oversee Seneca’s educational initiatives throughout California and Washington State, including the agency’s network of five schools and its partnerships with over 60 district and charter public schools. In addition to her work with Seneca, Lihi has served as a Master’s level instructor and field supervisor for both general and special education teachers at Loyola Marymount University and is a current faculty member at the University of California, Berkeley, where she instructs aspiring school leaders in effective teacher coaching and supervision practices through the Principal Leadership Institute, from which she herself graduated. She has also been honored to serve as an appointed member of the California Special Education Task Force, tackling some of the challenges that exist in providing equitable access to educational opportunities to youth impacted by disabilities.
Lihi moved to the United States at age twelve, after spending most of her childhood on an Israeli kibbutz. She loves her incredible niece and nephews and her elderly rescue dog Charley. Her hobbies include interior design, party planning, talking and social activism. She likes to knit, though she hardly ever finishes a project. She loves adventures, and also loves daydreaming about adventures.

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