Aqua Stovall

Chief Executive Officer

Shannon Garfield

Chief Program Officer

Jeffrey Rothschild

Chief External Affairs Officer

Raquel Tejeda

Executive Administrator to CEO

Heather Kawlra

Managing Director of Leadership

Avni Murray

Managing Director of Program Strategy

Leigh Bozard

Senior Director of Leadership Programming

Julia Dezen

Senior Director of Special Projects

A'seret Dokubo

Senior Director of Teacher Programming

Astraea Coleman

Director of School Support

Lila Hochron

Director of Program Strategy

Nady Persons

Director of GNO Leader Fellowship

Wendy Bentley

Grants Director

Charlene Carthon

Leadership Coach

Hannah DeBear

Leadership Coach

Kara Gardner

Leadership Coach

Leslie B. Gubitz

Leadership Coach

Darren Jasper

Leadership Coach

Kati Knight

Leadership Coach

Anthony Marino

Leadership Coach

Nicole Mayeux

Leadership Coach

Ariel James

Program Manager

Terence Hazure

Program Coordinator

Mallory Montgomery

Program Coordinator

Hannah Warren

Program Coordinator

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